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            The extruded plastic welding torch independently developed by Qingdao Yidian Plastic Welding Co., Ltd. has gone abroad


            For a long time, domestic extrusion plastic welding torches have all relied on the introduction from European countries, but now this gap is filled by a plastic welding factory. The extrusion plastic welding machine independently developed by Qingdao Yidian Plastic Welding Co., Ltd. uses hot air to preheat the surface of the base metal to be welded to the welding temperature, and the surface of the material is softened and fluidized. At the same time, the welding rod is automatically fed into the screw through the feeder. The welding rod is heated and melted uniformly. After the screw is mixed and plasticized, it is extruded to the surface of the heated base metal to be welded. The plastic is integrated, and the materials of different interfaces are completely melted, so that the welding part and the pipeline are combined into a whole, so as to ensure a high welding strength.

            Extrusion thermoplastic welding machine is suitable for welding HDPE plastic pipes, large-diameter steel strip reinforced double-walled spiral pipes/bellows, tanks, and thick plates, with high welding strength, good sealing effect, wide weld seam, and large output. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and portability. It can be operated by a single person without an external air source. It is especially suitable for field construction operations and is not affected by seasonal climate. It is widely used in large-diameter On-site construction and welding of HDPE plastic pipes, tee/flange/elbow pipe fittings, drainage manholes/manifestation wells, repair and plugging under pressure, HDPE septic tanks, sewage tanks and other thermoplastic products.

            At present, this product has been adopted by large enterprise groups such as Fujian Yatong Company, Zhejiang (Guangzhou) Maple Leaf Pipe Company, Tianjin Shengxiang Pipe Company, Sichuan Jinshi Dongfang New Material Equipment Company, Qingdao Deyili Machinery Company, etc. It is exported to Russia, Sudan and other countries, and has been widely praised by domestic and foreign customers.

            Russian customers accept products in our factory