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            Deilly launched a large-diameter winding pipe with a diameter of 3 meters


            An advanced private enterprise in Shandong Province--Qingdao Deyili Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced a large-diameter (Φ3m) winding sewage pipeline production line developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology. Experts said that this technical and economic index has reached the international leading level, which is in line with the national industrial policy, and has environmental and resource benefits, and the market prospect is very broad.

            According to relevant data, according to the survey of water supply and drainage pipe networks conducted in many cities in China in recent years, most of these pipe networks are made of traditional materials, and the pipelines are damaged and the joints are leaking very seriously. In addition, the drainage and sewage pipes manufactured with traditional materials and processes have a short service life, which not only wastes resources, but also easily causes secondary pollution to groundwater. Large-diameter winding pipe is a new type of pipe developed in the world. It has many advantages such as chemical resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, aging resistance, and long service life. It is an ideal substitute for traditional pipes such as concrete pipes and ceramic pipes. product. At the time of the global upsurge of green environmental protection, the production of this pipe is made of non-toxic raw materials, which enhances its vitality and becomes the first choice sewage pipe internationally recognized.

            Precisely because it is optimistic about the market prospect of large-diameter plastic winding sewage pipes, Deilly Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead a year ago, and was the first in China to develop and launch the production of winding pipes with international leading levels that can produce Φ1.2m, 1.6m, and 2.2m. equipment. Due to the right products and excellent quality, the equipment is currently in short supply.

            HDPE winding pipe has become an emerging sunrise industry, showing broad development prospects. However, the production equipment for the production of winding pipes with a diameter of more than three meters needs to have higher technology. Whoever can develop it and bring it to the market first will win business opportunities. Driven by market demand, Dei Li Machinery Co., Ltd. has not stopped scientific research and development, organized professional technical forces, and after technical research, successfully developed the first domestic production equipment for winding sewage pipes with a diameter of up to three meters in a short period of time. . The winding pipe production line adopts imported PLC control system, high-efficiency extruder, compound head, dual-machine combined feeding, spiral rotation forming, special forming process and pipe connection method. Experts say its automation control level, production capacity, single meter The overall performance indicators such as the amount of material used, the stability and feasibility of the whole machine have reached the international leading level. The timely launch of the equipment not only meets the needs of users, wins market opportunities, but also improves the core competitiveness of enterprises. According to the introduction of Li Heng, deputy general manager of Deli Machinery Co., Ltd.: At present, the coiled pipe production equipment is being sold to more than ten provinces, cities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, etc., and has become a new economic growth point of Deyi Li.