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          1. Welcome to the official website of Qingdao Yidian Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.!
            Qingdao Yidian Plastic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

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            Qingdao Jiaozhou developed the first domestic extrusion plastic welding torch


            Qingdao Jiaozhou Yidian Plastic Welding Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of plastic welding machines. Our factory has introduced foreign advanced technology and carefully developed a new type of hot air welding machine, whose technical indicators have reached similar foreign products. Hot air preheating and electrode extrusion are integrated, with reasonable structure, convenient operation, continuous welding, high work efficiency, and large extrusion pressure, which greatly improves the welding strength. It is an ideal product for welding various thermoplastics.

            This extrusion plastic welding gun is composed of hot air preheating and welding rod extrusion. The hot air has adjustable electric heating temperature control, self-supplying air source, and the extrusion part has an advanced temperature control system, which is convenient to adjust the extrusion speed. The high extrusion pressure during welding, the low temperature protection system is sensitive, and the 220V AC power supply is uniformly used, which can weld thermoplastic products such as plastic sheets and pipes, especially for the sealing of both ends of the large-diameter winding pipes with hollow walls, and the welding of pipe fittings. and repair of pipe damage. Large plastic container making welding and so on.